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•Monday, March 23, 2009
Here are the approximate number of Top 100 popular names from 2006 with meanings.

Top 50 girl names:

Talya: awakening of nature, good news or the joyful tidings of spring
Zeynep: precious valuable stones, piece of jewerly, jewels. Name of daughter of the prophet Hz. Muhammed (S.A.W)
Ela: an eye colour, yellow with a tinge of chestnut colour ('auburn')
Duru: clear, clean
Yaren: friend, (best) close friend
Ceren: a type of animal (Gazelle)
Ece: beautiful woman, queen
Melis: honey, honey bee
Naz: coquetry
Su: water
Berra: straightforward and/or working to receive good deeds
Ecem: my queen, very good, very beautiful
Sena: (compliment), praising. 2. Gleam of lightning
İrem: one meaning of the name is a garden in Heaven (paradise)
Azra: 1. untouched virgin or maiden girl. 2. untapped pearl. 3. untrodden sand. 4. The place Medina's other name. 5. The name given to Meryem (r.a) or Mary in biblical terms
Dilay: regarding about something with being beatiful like the moon. The full meaning of the name is not completely verified though yet.
İdil: having adopted the text or poem about rural life, about love. 2. small and poetic image. 3. sincere and pure love
Eylül: first month of autumn
İpek: silk
Nazlı: coquettish, coy; rose water
Yağmur: rain
Derin: deep; profound
Ilgın: a tree or shrub growing in the Mediterranean region or grown in the sandy soil used as a shrub and hedge plant
Havin: June night
Nilsu: nile and water, the great river of Egypt
Kayra: grace, favor, benevolence, kindness
Begüm: women ruler, Princess. Begum which is In the East Indies, a princess or lady of high rank
İlkin: first, firstly; first off, to begin with; at first, in the beginning, at the outset. Name could be given to a first-born child
Tuana: The first drop(s) of rain fall in (the gardens of) paradise (Heaven)
Beril: be purified, be clean, in the clear or acquitted. 2. Beryl (a type of mineral)
İlgi: relation, connection, attachment, involvement, interest, concern, affinity
Simay: Silvery moon, like silver bright moon
Pelin: sharp and fragrant smelling plant, wormwood
Beren: strong, powerful, smart, intelligent
Mira: surveyor's rod
Selin: (water) flowing abundantly, flowing copiously, flood, flooding, inundation, torrent, stream, deluge. 2. Grown in Central Asia, shrubs or short, plants remaining constantly green
Simge: symbol
Rana: beautiful, eye-pleasing display or A genus of anurous batrachians, including the common frogs. type genus of the Ranidae.
Şimal: north
Damla: a drop (of a liquid), drip; dribble
Melike: queen, (female) sovereign, (female) ruler
Pınar: spring (a natural fountain)
Başak: 1. ear (of grain), spike, spica. 2. crop missed by the reapers, gleanings
Özüm: loving like holding your sibling
Elçin: bunch, bouquet
Minel: the pearls that are found in Heaven (paradise)
Arzum: 'my desire' like my will, thirst, longing, yearning, wish, want, request

Top 50 boy names:

Emir: order, command, emir, prince, chief, leader, ruler, commander
Cem: 1. collection, bringing together, stockpiling (conglomeration, accumulation. hoarding. stacking). 2. Ruler, king. 3. The epithet of the Hz. Prophet Süleyman (Solomon) (A.S). 4. A nickname of İskender (the Great Alexander)
Ege: guardian (of a child), Aegean (sea). 2. West Anatolian littoral. 3. Aegean, of the Aegean
Çağan: Happy days, holiday
Sarp: very steep, precipitous. 2. hard, difficult (task)
Kerem: honor, nobleness, nobility, generous, generosity, one who does beneficial (benevolent) work
Deniz: the sea
Yağız: dark, swarthy (person), dark-skinned; brunette. 2. dark and/or chestnut (horse). 3. brave (manly young fellow)
Yiğit: brave, courageous, stouthearted, the intrepid one
Emre: lover, friend, brother
Kağan: khan, ruler
Mert: brave, manly
Görkem: splendor, magnificence, pomp
Burak: lightning
Meriç: the Meriç (maritza) river which is found in Bulgaria. 2. Last hope
Berke: stick, cane, rod and/or dagger, wedge (for splitting stone or wood)
Kutay: holy or blessed month
Tuna: abundant, plentiful, splendid. The Danube river
Baran: rain
Efe: older brother (also used in addressing a respected man a little older than the speaker), big brother. 2. brave, courageous
Onur: 1. self-respect, self-esteem, pride. Shows the values of others based on respect, honor. 2. honour, distinction
Doruk: hill, summit, peak
Bartu: one of the most oldest Türk Khan
Emirhan: emir and han
Alp: hero. brave, heroic
Arhan: superior (quality), proud minister
Bora: strong wind (preceding a rainstorm), squall
Canberk: strong, sound person
Rüzgar: wind; breeze
Derin: deep; profound
Toprak: soil, earth, ground, clay, land, country, territory
Arın: clean, pure, be purified; purify. 2. forehead. 3. face front. the mountains', hills' face
Aşkın: excessive, more than, over, beyond, your love
Çınar: broad-leafed trees, plane tree, sycamore tree
Armağan: gift, present
Derin: deep; profound
Koray: moon that rather well comes to an ember-coloured state. moon that is of ember color (live or glowing coal, fiery red)
Barlas: hero (brave, heroic), combatant, fighter, warrior
Ada: island. 2. city block. 3. ada' lar: the Princes' Islands which is near Istanbul
Berk: hard, strong
Ali: lofty, grand, high, noble, sublime. Name of Hz. Ali: Abu Talib's son. Fourth caliph
Polat: Steel. Power, strength, force
Göktürk: an old Turkish nation in Central Asia, in the history it is the first turkish-named state
Serhan: king or wolf, monster
Ege: the Aegean Sea
Utku: victory; triumph
Berkay: A person who is strong and like the moon
Güney: one of the four main directions, South
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